A New Years Revolution

A resolution is a determination to change something. Most people have made New Year’s resolutions. Quit smoking. Go on a diet. Exercise daily. Most people have also broken them. A revolution is a momentous change in something. Many people need a New Year’s revolution, a substantial change in their lives. The biblical word for such a change is repentance. “Repent” has an uninviting sound because it usually means giving up something enjoyed—as do New Year’s resolutions. However, the biblical idea of repentance, besides giving up something enjoyed (and usually harmful), includes turning to God (Acts 26:20).

By turning to God a person gains access to the power enabling one to make resolutions and keep them. Turning to God also offers eternity with God as the motivation to change and as that which ultimately gives meaning to change. Resolution without revolution is impotent, discouraging, and in the end, pointless.