Fetus Killing or Infant Killing

Intact dilation and extraction, or more popularly known as “partial birth abortion,” is at least partially illegal, which rankles pro-abortionists. They want it legal…again. This is a “procedure in which the person performing the abortion partially delivers a living unborn child before killing the unborn child and completing the delivery.” So rather than dismembering the fetus in his or her mother’s uterus, he or she is “partially” introduced very briefly into a world of courts, doctors, politicians, and even a mom that has little regard for his or her young life. Then he or she is dismembered—without benefit of anesthesia. Is this feticide or infanticide? What percentage of the tiny body must be delivered before it is called “infant killing” rather than “fetus killing”?

What could anyone possibly think of next, “whole birth abortion”? Why not? What will stop it? Value for all human life?! Selflessness and willingness to face the consequences of actions rather than take the convenient way out!? God’s words to a nation in sin echo down the years, “Woe to the rebellious children…who execute a plan, but not mine, and make an alliance, but not of my Spirit, in order to add sin to sin” (Isaiah 30:1). Is anybody still listening?