Heaven 101

Nearly everyone wants to go there, but few think they know where it is, what it is really like, or anyone who has been there. What most people think they know about Heaven they have learned from movies, art, or literature expressing what someone else only imagined Heaven to be. Yet, to go to there is the fundamental goal for most people of faith.

According to Scripture, heaven is a part of the reality that exists, created by God in the beginning. It is the ‘sky’ where birds fly and ‘deep space’ where stars reside (Genesis 1); as such, earth itself is in heaven. It is also, where God and his angels dwell (Matthew 6:9-10; 18:10), where Jesus came from (John 6:38) and now is (1 Peter 3:22). Since God is omnipresent, filling heaven and earth (Jeremiah 23:24), he is not restricted to heaven; so all people (good and bad) are, in a sense, in his presence, “in Him” (Acts 17:26-28).

There is, however, another sense in which people can be in God’s presence, “in Him.” It is generally thought of as a place to go at a time not yet, the fundamental goal for most people of faith. Perhaps that is a misconception; maybe the place is here and the time is now.