Heaven Bound

Average people generally expect to go to heaven-assuming they believe in heaven. Various reasons are given. “I’m a pretty good person.” “I keep the Ten Commandments.” “I’m a member of a church.” “I don’t believe a loving God would send anyone to Hell.”

What all of these answers have in common is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of humans and the nature of God. Read the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7) to see if the above reasons are valid. First, no one is good enough; God demands one to be perfectly good, not “pretty good.” Second, it is doubtful anyone keeps the Ten Commandments, especially as explained and exemplified by Jesus. Third, God does not have “group admissions” into heaven; everyone must give an account of himself individually. Finally, it is presumptuous to declare what a loving God would or would not do apart from what he reveals; he reveals many will not go to heaven.

Are you heaven bound? Do you care? Do you believe? Are you a pretty good person? A commandment keeper? A church member? Or are you just hoping to get in by default, because God loves too much not to let you in?