Something From Nothing

Believers sometimes make the mistake of claiming God created the universe out of nothing. Skeptics reasonably argue this would be impossible. Actually, the Bible states “the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (Hebrews 11:3). In other words, God created the universe out of something that was not visible, not out of nothing. But, what was that? What was there before the creation? Just God!

Did God create the universe out of himself? Why not? Perhaps he took some of his own invisible substance (or energy) and transformed it into the visible material universe. This is not unreasonable. If matter can be transformed into invisible energy (which cannot be doubted), why not the converse? Einstein implied it was possible (E = mc²), and no one has proven it is not.

According to Discover magazine (12/12/97), experiments at Stanford University using a linear accelerator and laser produced physical matter from pieces of light. There is no certainty as to exactly what light is (particles and/or waves), but it is a form of energy. It is fascinating that the Bible states, “God is light” (1 John 1:5), and although this is likely metaphorical, it might be based in reality. There can be no doubt however, that if God exists, he possesses energy, energy that an all-powerful God could convert into matter. Something from nothing? Nonsense. Something from God? Perfect sense.