T Rex Grounded Missing Link Still Missing

In the November 1999 National Geographic the following article appeared: “Feathers for T. Rex? New birdlike fossils are missing links in dinosaur evolution.” Supposedly, a fossil of a turkey-sized dinosaur with feathers had been discovered. The fossil’s champions declared it a true missing link connecting dinosaurs to birds. The evolution-loving media, like a faithful old lap dog, gushed forth with the rapturous news.

Not so fast. Numerous scientists who know a thing or two about birds raised doubts; they could not see any feathers in the fossil! Others could see two animals in the fossil! After further investigation, it turns out two fossils had been joined together. Indeed, the fossil hunters had also glued sections together. Red-faced supporters, including one of the fossil’s original champions, admitted they had been snookered. T. rex, it seems, molted.

Veracity has not always been a conspicuous characteristic of many evolutionists. In their zeal to find missing links—essential to the traditional evolutionary hypothesis—they would rather bend the evidence than give up the ghost. The reason may be less complicated than we imagine. Should their theory of evolution go the way of the feathered dinosaur, they may have to reconsider “In the beginning God created…”