The High Cost of Believing

Why do some people accept as “fact” the “theory” of evolution? Why is it so important for them to believe that something came out of nothing, which is contrary to human reason and commonsense? Why do they put trust in essentially no evidence and bankrupt arguments? Why will they not admit evolution is not science but religion? Why will they not consider possible alternatives?

Alternatives exist, neither of which insults human reason or commonsense. The “Intelligent Design” view recognizes the order and complexity in the world and suggests it could not have happened by “chance,” the repressed god of evolution. This view omits details or speculation about a “Designer,” arguing they fall outside the realm of science. The “Creation” view is willing to include details and speculation about “The Designer,” also arguing they fall outside the realm of science but into the realm of revelation.

Both views threaten the religion of evolution, the first implicitly, the second explicitly. An “Intelligent Designer” might make demands of his design; “The Creator” does make demands of his creation. The “god” of evolution makes no demands; it is non-existent. To abandon evolution means more than abandoning one’s pride by putting a sacred cow to death. It may mean abandoning a worldview and taking on another that calls for putting one’s self to death (Luke 9:23). This is simply too high a cost for some people to make.