The Martians Are Back!

The movie Mission to Mars (2000) was another Hollywood attempt to shore up the sagging evolutionary hypothesis about the origin of life on Earth. The movie was unoriginal, curiously reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey (released 38 years ago!). New is a taller orange techno version of the traditional space alien who generally looks a lot like an emaciated Pillsbury Doughboy. Old is the idea that the sudden occurrence of life on Earth is explained by aliens bringing it here.

Of course this conflicts with the biblical account that God created life on Earth (Genesis 1-2), an explanation “sophisticated” people cannot tolerate. But, how sophisticated is Mission’s explanation? If Martian DNA explains life on Earth, what explains DNA on Mars? What explains DNA wherever?!? This is where evolutionists get religion, bending the knee at the altar of “probability.” Given enough time and chance, anything can happen, even something from nothing. Now that is solid science!

If life is discovered “out there,” the Bible will not be disarmed. It addresses “Earthlings” and claims nothing, pro or con, about extraterrestrial life. Missions to Mars may prove interesting, but cannot disprove history; Jesus’ tomb is still empty.