Thingamajigs, Critters, and Hopeful Monsters

Until recently, the theory of evolution—and it is theory, not fact—asserted, that over multimillions of years, life evolved gradually through small intermediate stages. The beached fish didn’t suddenly sprout legs for shore life; he developed gradually, let’s say, into a lizard, or something like that. But oops, there’s no evidence for intermediate stages—and scientists demand evidence. Sorry, but there are no transitional fossils—no, not one!—of the necessary thingamajigs between fish and lizards. Of millions of fossils discovered, all are fully “evolved” critters. Now what?

Undaunted by the embarrassing evidence (or lack thereof), religiously faithful evolutionists went back to their drawing boards revising the “facts.” If evolution didn’t happen gradually (and they know it happened), it must have happened rapidly, in “sudden leaps.” So, are we now to believe that one day a beached fish spawned a lizard, or whatever? Yep! Some evolutionary gurus call it “explosive evolution,” but some guarded skeptics call it the “Hopeful Monster” theory. The only thing exploding is the evolutionary theory itself.

To the evolutionist, you evolved a teensy bit higher than the chimp. To the Lord, you were created a little lower than the angels (Hebrews 2:7). You be the judge.