Unsettled or Bewildered

The diverse variety of beliefs held by countless Christian denominations is-or should be-unsettling to those who claim to know Christ, and bewildering to those who desire to know him. Why would anyone be attracted to a belief system so fragmented, and sometimes even internally adversarial?

“Christians” do not even agree as to when or how one becomes a Christian. Some say it is when a baby is sprinkled with water. Others say it is when a repentant believer is immersed in water. Still others say it is when a repentant believer “accepts Jesus in his heart”; water has nothing to do with it. Neither do they agree as to how one stays a Christian. Is it by “faith only” or “by good deeds and not faith only?” Nor do they agree on whether or not a Christian must stay a Christian. Some say, “Once a Christian, always a Christian”; others say, “Remain faithful, or you’re out!”

Who is to say what is right? God, that is who! He says it in sacred scripture (2Timothy 3:14-17). Unsettled in the faith, or bewildered about the faith? Forget what “some” and “others” say. Study what God says in his word.